This picture really resonates the most with me. I remember seeing these two women begging the shop owner for some food for their dog. The shop owner was unwilling to budge; not because he didn’t care for the dog, but because he simply couldn’t afford give away any food for free. It was simply heartbreaking to see this.

Sadly this isn’t a rare occurrence here in Ukraine. Dogs are treated in a second nature to most other creatures. The dogs can often be seen as a nuisance, with a lot of the dogs living out their lives trapped inside of a dog playpen or dog cage. It’s truly heartbreaking. Seriously, think about how you would like to be cooped up in a dog playpen for the majority of your life? These dogs can barely grow to be a normal, functional size. These dogs often live miserable lives in their playpen, without any real hope of a better future. That’s so depressing.

Even the dogs that wander the streets of America are treated much, much better than these dogs. It’s truly a shame how poorly third-world countries treat dogs. I want to adopt all of these dogs and bring them home with me, but I unfortunately cannot do that. Instead, I am going to focus my efforts on awareness for dogs when I go home. I am sick of the mistreatment of dogs. I want to save and help every dog that I can. I hope that my photos of dogs will be inspiring to many people to want to help dogs.

Dogs are one of the best things to walk this Earth. They should not be kept in cages or playpens all day. They should be running around and having fun – providing joy and entertainment to all of us people.

There just isn’t enough food to go around for both humans and dogs. I really love dogs and hope that at some point we can prosper.